How many jobs should I apply for?

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How many jobs should I apply for?


Is there a perfect number?

This is question that recruiters, career advisors & anybody within the job industry hears time after time. At Hired Direct, this always gets us thinking 🤔 especially with the amount of emails we receive asking this very question. For us it creates the proceeding question of 'Is there an optimal number of jobs to apply for?' The jury is out on that one.

 Zip Job Team have concluded that 10-15 applications per week is optimum; considering we have over 500,000 jobs live at any one time this figure doesn't sound a lot right? But once you have narrowed down your search, this number obviously drastically decreases. 

More job applications, more offers. Right?

You check your job alerts daily, re-run your search criteria hourly in the hope your dream job is going to be uploaded then BAM!! the perfect job that ticks all your boxes arrives. Do you think the employer knows that you haven't spread yourself thin in the hope of putting all your eggs in one basket for this job? Well, the answers No. They have no idea and are probably too busy to pay it mind even if they did know. So don't place misguided loyalty to employers that are yet to even offer you a job.

That doesn't mean however you should apply for every job under the sun. It can be damaging to just go through every job site applying to multiple jobs daily. Over applying yourself can prove be detrimental especially if you find yourself applying to numerous jobs at the same company. They can struggle to take your applications seriously if they feel you haven't read the full spec. Digital marketer Jessie Liu express this in her article with theJobnetwork when she states 'Applying for jobs in this way can end up with the recruiter noting your desperation on your application file. In other words, this is a good way to never get called in for an interview. '


In summary. We don't like to put a figure on it, if there's a role you like the sound of, apply for it! Maybe you are a tad under qualified or even over qualified for that matter? Apply for it! Nobody got anywhere without asking. The most an employer is going to do is disregard your CV & there is no shame in that. I have seen people with Masters working in McDonalds & people with criminal convictions working in banks. If you pose the question, the answer can be Yes or No; if you don't however, the answer will always be No.


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