5 Amazing Tech Jobs That Require Zero Coding Experience

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5 Amazing Tech Jobs That Require Zero Coding Experience

by Peter Manley


Let’s face it––coding isn’t for everyone. As a completely unique language within itself, coding requires a certain level of analytical skill, which makes for a difficult barrier to entry. 


When it comes to coding, there are two types of people in the world. There are those who just get it and can code like there’s no tomorrow. And then there are others who just can’t seem to get the gist of it, and can barely put together the stereotypical “Hello World” HTML site. Maybe you’re one of the latter.

If so, you might be worried that you have no chance of landing a job in the tech field. Or, maybe it has turned you off from the tech industry altogether, thinking that perhaps it just isn’t the right path for you. 


However, the good news is that the tech field isn’t only reserved for those who can code. In fact, there are many amazing jobs in the tech field that require no coding experience at all! There are many marketing, design, and even management jobs that will allow you to enjoy a rewarding career in the tech––without typing a single line of code. 


Of course, having some coding skills is always a plus, especially if you’re aiming for a design-related career (such as UX and product design). But if you’re looking for a tech career that doesn’t actually require any coding experience for entry, these are a sure bet. Let’s take a look at five amazing tech jobs that require zero coding experience. 

#1: UX/UI Designer


User experience (UX) and User interface (UI) designers are in very high demand by tech companies, and for good reason. In order to have a good digital product that is useful, enjoyable, and impactful, companies need UX and UI designers to design many aspects of the product, such as the interface, how the product (can be an app or a website) works, and so forth. 


If you’re interested in human behavior, research, and psychology, UX design may be the way to go. If you feel you land more on the artistic and creative side, a UI designer role may be a better fit. Either way, no coding required (it is highly beneficial, however). 


#2: Content Marketing Manager


No matter what kind of business it is––tech or not––marketing is a very important and essential piece of the success puzzle. Naturally, tech companies need marketers on their team, too. 


A content marketing manager is responsible for developing a marketing plan for pushing the company’s product and/or services to potential customers. Content can come in the form of blog posts, visual content, audio content, and even video content.


Content marketing managers often work with the company’s social media account as well, so if that’s your thing, this is your dream job. 


#3: SEO Strategist


Yes, search engines are still important. In fact, nearly six billion searches are made, each and every day. As an SEO (search engine optimization) strategist, your role is to help boost the company’s website’s ranking in search results using several tactics.


Basically, your ultimate goal is to help get the company’s website to show up on the very first page of Google’s search results. 


#4: Project Manager


Do you like managing a team and/or overseeing projects to make sure that they get done as expected? If so, a project manager role may be the role for you. As the name implies, a project manager is tasked with managing specific projects for a tech company, typically involving the development of a product or element of a product. 


If you want to land a project manager role, it does help to have some experience with business and finance. 


#5: Information Architect


Ever look at a website and wish you could rearrange the content to make it even better? If so, information architecture is the science of exactly that. As an information architect, you are responsible for planning and designing the way that information is structured on a website, app, or software interface. 


Rather than just going by personal preference, however, an information architect arranges content based on the target audience’s behaviors and preferences. 

 By Peter Manley



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