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The Hired.Direct blog is now accepting guest bloggers and contributors.

Looking to get exposure? Then look no further

Being a job board we understand better than most that the modern world is not necessarily the 9 to 5 it once was. With freelancers, moonlighters & part timers all pushing the hustle. We appreciate people are trying harder and harder to do the things they love not just the things they must. 

What are we looking for?


Our main goal is to work with up and coming bloggers looking for self promotion & blog exposure. Wether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we do not discriminate as long as you abide by our guidelines. 

Your topic must be well researched & provide value, we are a job board so there has to be some relation.

If you can add value to someone else with information you have or can provide, then you are the person we want to hear from.


Devils in the detail:

  • You must NOT violate any copyright laws. All content must be your own.
  • You can however link to other sites & provide citations.
  • Original, original, original! We love anything unique and original.


Whats our criteria?:

  • 750+ words, please.
  • Relevant images, check Unsplash for great FREE content.
  • Links & citations.  P.S. The more the better!
  • Internal linking to other content. e.g. Job search pages, sign up etc.
  • Catchy titles

Please include a link to your site or content! We love to give exposure, go for it!


Please Note. Once posted, we retain copyright of the produced article & it then cannot be submitted elsewhere.

When will my post go live?:

Send it in and it will be read! Although:

  • It may take 5-7 working days before you receive a response.


About you

We want to promote good content writers for the world to see, so if you have a little bio, send that to us aswell & we will create a webpage about you with the relevant SEO!



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